Our home in the Pacific Northwest

Our Mission

Pathology is the cornerstone of diagnostic medicine. All biopsies, blood draws, tissue swabs, and bacterial cultures must pass through the hands of a pathologist to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. With the steady decline in the number of pathologists available globally, the need for a streamlined sample management solution is evident. Pathware’s purpose is to develop beautiful and intuitive hardware and software to simplify these critical diagnostic workflows and enable pathologists to increase their efficiency without sacrificing quality of care.



Our team was formed in the Fall of 2017, born out of personal experience and a desire to build. We trained via NSF I-Corps and VentureWell and built a comprehensive understanding of our market. We’ve explored San Diego to Boston to Ethiopia, speaking with clinicians about the issue of understaffing in pathology. We’ve developed a reputation of respect with our users through listening and a minimalistic approach to solving their concerns and inquiries.