Real-time Whole Slide Imaging
Pathware is creating hardware and software to simplify digital pathology workflows. Our complete slide imaging and sample management system, Bioptic™, rapidly returns a biopsy quality determination in order to verify that a viable biopsy was collected with greater than 96% certainty.
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Sample Evaluation with Bioptic™



On average, a pathologist will earn $100/hour performing a rapid onsite evaluation - 1/8th of what could be made in the lab in the same amount of time.



2.7M fine needle biopsies are performed each year. At a direct cost of $3,000, this amounts to more than $1.6B lost by US hospitals every year.



92% of thyroid surgeries after a failed biopsy are later found to be unnecessary; at $11,000 per surgery, this renders $165M lost by insurance providers.

Automated Biopsy Quality Assessment Tools

The Bioptic™ Platform

On average, 1 in 5 needle biopsies fail to collect a sufficient sample to make a diagnosis. Large medical facilities have been forced to staff pathologists during routine biopsy procedures – leaving small and more rural facilities unable to implement this practice, known as Rapid Onsite Evaluation (ROSE). In response to these issues, we have developed the Bioptic™ platform to automate ROSE and enable hospitals of every size to mitigate both the expensive failure rate and time-consuming procedure.

4x Faster than Manual Assessment Method

Bioptic™ Quality Assessment is Complete Before Second Sample Is Collected

Prior to diagnosis, pathologists spend about 1-hour assessing the quality of all tissue samples collected using traditional microscopy methods; therefore reviewing less than 1% of each sample for its features. Bioptic™ vastly reduces the time clinicians spend assessing a slide by providing the key tissue information and sample metrics, all calculated from a whole slide image.

A Partnership in the Truest Sense

We Only Make Money When You Do

Bioptic™ works into an already established reimbursement structure, enabling hospitals to generate more revenue while improving the care they provide; we’re proud proponents of this profit-sharing model. Every sample assessed by the Bioptic™ unit is reimbursed by insurance providers – they know well the financial and clinical value of biopsy quality assessment. Our pricing model is lower than current reimbursement values, allowing hospitals of any size to verify that every patient will get their diagnosis after the first biopsy and generate revenue doing so.

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Simplifying the world of cytology is by no means a singular effort. We are always on the lookout for new partners, both business and academic. Through partnerships, steps forward can be accelerated to bring an even greater benefit to all involved. Feel free to reach out to us using the contact information linked below, or stop by one of our two office locations in Seattle and Ann Arbor