Decision Support with Bioptic™

Prior to diagnosis, pathologists spend roughly 1-hour assessing the quality of all tissue samples collected using traditional microscopy methods; therefore reviewing less than 1% of each sample for its features. Bioptic™ vastly reduces the time clinicians spend assessing a slide by providing the key tissue information and sample metrics, all calculated from a whole slide image.

Concept Workflow Acquisition Time Slide Storage Unit Size Equipment Cost
No Assessment No Intervention
Slide Scanners No Intervention 3-5 Minutes On-site Servers 12.7 ft3 $1.0MM
Telepathology Manual 10 Minutes 0.90 ft3 $35k
Manual Assessment Manual 35.0 ft3 $150k
Pathware – Bioptic Automated 55 Seconds Cloud 0.84 ft3 $20k

The Bioptic™ platform is designed to be used with minimal training required. We don’t require clinicians to own accounts and our remote viewing software is free. After placing the slide into the unit, all tissue features of interest are presented on the screen for the clinician to inspect. This valuable information is automatically collected by the unit during the procedure and will be uploaded to the patient’s EHR for later review.